I think this is probably our worst nightmare, right?

You already don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes of a restaurant and you’d hope all is Kosher, right? Welp, at Pita Pit, in Missoula, Montana, an employee took matters into her own hands. The cameras caught her spitting on a customer’s sandwich after there had been some sort of altercation.

Here’s what we know:

    • The altercation took place at about 3 AM this past Saturday.
    • In the recording, you can hear customers daring the employee to do it.
    • The employee does spit on the customers sandwich.
    • There’s more escalation when the customer throws the sandwich.
    • Then, the employee tries to climb over the counter.

Here’s the video:

We still don’t know what causes the altercation, to begin with.  But, it’s alleged that the confrontation started because “the racist employee” didn’t want to be at work and was having a bad day.

The restaurant has since posted an apology to their Facebook page. You can read it for yourself.

What are your thoughts?