I travel. I eat. A lot. So, I’d like to think I know food pretty well. Besides, I make a living from cooking really delicious things. I’m literally sitting in a window seat at this BBQ joint in Boston writing this post. 
How’d I get here? Well, a fellow DHIVEr visited Boston a few weeks ago and he ranted and raved over how fantastic this food was. Anytime a fellow comrade rants and raves, well, I have to check it out. 
When I looked up the joint on Google maps, the reviews looked pretty legit. So, I was down for the cause. 
*Parking sucks. Luckily I found a meter. It’s a half block away and $1.50 and hour. I have about ten more minutes before my time is up!
I get to the joint Friday around 1:30PM. Not that crowded at all. I got a nice seat by the window, perfect lighting, and great for taking iPhone camera pics. I had to flag down a waiter to help me. The guy I flagged down said he’d get my server. Eventually, a guy showed up. He said his name was Kevin. He gave me the run down. Here’s what I ordered:
-salt and pepper potatoes with the cheese sauce

-a biscuit with butter and strawberry jam

-smoked ribs and smoked pork belly

-mac and cheese

-broccoli casserole

-sweet tea
Don’t judge me. But, I needed a bit of a taste of the restaurant to be able to do a quality review. Besides, isn’t that what you’re waiting for anyway?
The potatoes. They’re good. Solid. Like big ass chunks of potatoes fried crispy and seasoned. They come out hot. Cute. But, after two or three, it’s enough. The cheese sauce was solid too. Share this with a few people. 
The biscuit. Amazing! Let me clarify. The biscuit by itself was just okay. But, that honey butter and strawberry jam took it completely over the edge! Get that. 
The pork belly. It was decent. It’s under seasoned, but because it’s loaded with fat, some porky flavor came through and saved the day. A dip in some of the tangy BBQ sauce makes it memorable. 
That’s where it ends. 
I’m a fat boy. I didn’t even eat all of my ribs. What fat boy doesn’t eat all of his ribs? Right. 
The Mac and cheese. Don’t even try it. It just ain’t even worth the calories. Mine was bitter, under salted, and boring. I wanted to go in the kitchen and give a quick tutorial. 
The broccoli and cheese casserole was cool. I ate 75% of it. It’s got something distinct about it that lingers on the tongue for a second after you swallow. I thought it was Dijon, but, I’ve been wrong before. 
I live in Georgia. I know sweet tea. Their sweet tea was just tea. I’m still looking for the sweet. And it’s like $3 a glass. Water and a Lipton tea bag. $3. Yikes! Boston, isn’t that an oxymoron?!
All in all, I had sub par service. My food wasn’t too memorable (except for the biscuit). I went in with zero expectations and I’m glad I did. Save yourself (she don’t wanna be saved – lol) and find a real BBQ joint with seasoned food and SALT!