If you’ve been under a rock, then you know Chipotle has had its share of food safety issues lately.

With that news affecting Chipotle’s bottom line, the kings and queens at the White Castle aren’t taking any chances with this happening to them. As a matter of fact, they’re being more than smart about the whole food safety situation. My grandmother always told me, “if you tell people what you want them to know, they can never use that information against you.” White Castle must’ve met my grandmother!


They’ve released a new website – White Castle Clean. You can now see everything, and I do mean everything, about the burger joint. They’ve made all of their health inspection information public. You can search the site based on the state they operate in and you can see their latest inspection reports from the local authorities.

We applaud White Castle for their efforts. Now, if they can just figure out why their burgers cause gas and the bubble guts, we’ll have made major progress in this world!