There’s a reason you’ve been featured on Emeril’s show on The Cooking Channel. Your food has to be pretty darn good to get recognized. One visit to this little unassuming joint tucked away in the corner and you’ll understand why this place is so special.

Total disclaimer – I didn’t visit Jacksonville with the intention of going to this place. I do what I normally do. I simply look in the Google Maps app and choose a place that looks good. I was in Florida, so seafood was to be had – right? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go?

Anyway, so I walk into the place during lunch and immediately get seated in a lovely booth. The waitress popped over and got my water going – she was friendly. I perused the menu and was stuck between two appetizers. I ended up choosing the shrimp and avocado salad. For some reason, I was thinking chunks of avocado, juicy shrimp, and maybe some creamy dressing. But, this wasn’t that. It was just mixed greens, fresh shrimp, and avocado. It was pretty basic. But, they do make this amazing in-house ranch dressing that was pretty good. When you mix it with the white balsamic vinegar they have in the back, you’ve got a pretty amazing salad on your hands. Leave it up to me to turn it into something creamy – lol.

IMG_1207Next on the list was the entree. I remember seeing something outside that called for bacon cream and shrimp – yes – bacon cream is a real thing. I made a mental note. Then, when the waitress asked me what I wanted, I told her whatever I saw outside, explain it to me. She got excited. When a waitress gets excited, well, that’s all you need! I was excited too. Essentially, it’s the juiciest prawns that are grilled in garlic oil. Then, they’re put on top of pasta that’s been tossed with Nueske bacon and cream. Nueske bacon is essentially top of the line – it’s like the BMW of bacons. My only complaint was that there wasn’t nearly enough sauce to accompany the mound of pasta. It didn’t matter to me anyway because I took three forkfuls of pasta and I was done. I try to limit my carb intake and this dish is carb overload – good, but carb overload.

IMG_1208Lastly, it was time for dessert. Typically, I would pass it up. I’m kinda a ‘take it or leave it’ kinda guy when it comes to dessert. However, I needed to try this key lime pie I saw on the menu. I’m a sucker for fresh whipped cream with my key lime pie. This one didn’t disappoint. Now, it’s not the best I’ve ever had in my life, but, it’s pretty substantial. Also, you’ll appreciate that the pie has a super thick crust – which happens to be on of my favorite parts of the pie.IMG_1211All in all, this joint is a really great place to stop for really great food! Do yourself a favor and stop over. You won’t be disappointed.