I’m Black. Let me be a bit more clear. I’m African-American. Let me be a bit more clear. I’m a Black, African-American from the west side of Chicago. Backyard BBQ’s run through my veins just like Lake Michigan does! Seriously. This means, I know BBQ. I know when it’s good. I know when it’s bad. I know when it’s mediocre.

Mojo’s Kitchen has some definite hits and misses.

Let’s start at the beginning. I was sat down to a booth rather quickly on a busy Friday night. The place had a nice buzz to it – so I felt like I was in good company. I started by ordering a water. I figured since I’d be indulging in lots of calories, I’d take it a bit easy. The only problem was that the water tasted weird. It was SERIOUSLY weird. So, I ordered a lemonade instead.

For an app, I opted for the wings. I’m a sucker for a good wing. Theirs are smoked then fried and served with ranch. Sounded good to me! The only issue was that while meaty, the wings lacked tons of flavor. Either there wasn’t enough salt in the rub when the wings were smoked or there should have been a sprinkle of salt as the wings came out of the fryer. So, well, they were bland. I give them an effort for the attempt to be innovative, but without salt, innovation means nothing.o

I ended up ordering the rib and brisket combo for an appetizer. I had green beans the garlic cheddar grits. I actually had to Google the menu so I could remember what side dishes I had. If I can’t remember them from two days ago, that shows you how unforgettable they were. The green beans were fresh – so that’s a plus. However, they lack LOTS of seasoning. They were so bland, it was hard for me to even eat them. I wonder if the cooks in the back even tasted them. They honestly tasted just like boiled air.

Then, let’s not even talk about the grits. These grits were so bad. Honestly, the consistency of the grits reminded me of them trying to actually reheat the grits after they’d been refrigerated. That’s what it reminded me of. They had barely any cheddar and so much garlic, I won’t see any vampires for the rest of my life. If you’re going to make grits, they should be nice and creamy with lots of delicious things like butter and cream. Whew. I was ashamed to even call these grits! They really were quite horrible.

I will say this: the ribs were fantastic. They were juicy, well seasoned, and super tender. But, the brisket was the complete opposite. They brisket was actually kinda grainy and lacked seasoning. See, definite hits and misses. There were so many misses that I didn’t even take photos. So, I’ll post a few from Yelp so you can get an idea of what a BBQ restaurant shouldn’t be like.

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