Let’s see. Where do I even start. 
I was browsing the Google Maps app and looking for a decent place to have dinner. I saw steak. I was in Vegas. I was in! I placed a reservation for 1 using my Open Table app and I was all set to go. 
I showed up 5 minutes early. They were able to seat me with no problem. Let me tell you this. The place is a freaking beauty. This is was a restaurant should look like. The atmosphere was lively. They had a 2 piece band going. The decor is simply stunning. This decor is what all restaurant aspire to be when they grow up. Hands down, it’s one of the sexiest restaurants I’ve ever seen in my life. 
There were massive sofas. White wooden tables. Draperies. Drama. Chic. Just plain old stylish. I bow to their designer. Whoever designed this place needs a raise!
I’ll say this too. The service was absolutely phenomenal. Every staff member was attentive. They knew the menu backwards and forwards. They did a fantastic job welcoming and serving me. 
Now, onto this food. 

I started with the 50 Shades of Earl Grey! It’s a champagne cocktail. It was tasty. A bit small in portion, but tasty nevertheless. I was going to opt for another, but, this isn’t the kind of place you just stumble upon and go for it. It’s pricey. Real pricey. So, I figured, I’d just hold out and put my money around an entree. 

I ordered appetizers. Two of them. I couldn’t decide. I started with the bacon wrapped matzo balls, an oxymoron if one ever existed. They were little dough ballsC wrapped in smoky bacon, sitting in horseradish cream. I could see where they were trying to go with this one, but, it just didn’t connect for me. It wasn’t bad. But, it wasn’t necessarily good either. It was just okay. 

It’s a good thing my next dessert was a saving grace. I ordered the crispy calamari. You kinda can’t go wrong. And they didn’t. Boy, was this dish good. It was salty and crispy and tasted like the sea. It was why calamari should be. It was really good. I just wish they put more of those thin slices of pickled peppers in the dish. I ate a slice of pepper together with the calamari and instantly fell in love. 

I just wish I had stayed in love. So, I ordered the bone-in rib eye. I had it with the Mac and cheese waffle and the creamed spinach. I also opted for 3 of the sauces for the steak for an additional $5. Where do I even start? For this to be a steak joint, I’m baffled as to why they can’t cook a steak…at all. Rule #1 for any steak is SALT. This steak had absolutely NO salt on it whatsoever. It was charred to the high heavens and char is good, when there’s salt. When salt is missing, char tastes like a bitter smoky mess. And that’s what this $58 steak was. It was a bitter smoky mess. I’m still disappointed in my steak. 

 The Mac and cheese waffle was decent. It was cheesy. It could have used a touch more salt, but, it was okay. I’ll probably steak this idea and remix it later on in life. The creamed spinach was spinach with no cream. When I think of creamed spinach, I want that creamy goodness filled with Parmesan cheesy goodness. This was the complete opposite. Honestly, I think they just sautéed spinach in olive oil and gave it to me. Maybe they ran out of cream? Maybe they were on the Daniel fast for the new year and forgot to tell me. Either way, I kinda can’t forgive them for this. At all. 

I finished with dessert. I couldn’t leave well enough alone and honesty, that’s was I get. I ordered the ice cream for $10. I don’t know what I was expecting. #CouldHaveHadTalenti
All in all. I probably would never return to this joint. It’s beautiful to look at, but, the food leaves so much to be desired. So. Damn. Much! 


  1. Well thanks for saving me a visit. I would have recommended Mastros for sure! They never disappoint and the butter cake is the best Ive ever had!

  2. Was just watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and they went to Funk N Waffles in Syracuse, NY. I’d never seen the waffle thing before… they did a thanksgiving dinner where the waffle was made from stuffing and the turkery and mashed potatoes, etc. were on top. Looked amazing… But also got me thinking about crazy things you can do with waffles!