So, one of the perks of my job is being able to try different restaurants when I travel. Last weekend, I was in Nashville. I mean, who can come to Nashville and not have hot chicken? I’ve been hearing about hot chicken since forever. I personally think that hot chicken is one of Carla Hall’s favorites. I’ve heard her rant and rave forever. So, of course it’s been embedded deep within to give it a try. So, I tried it.

I’ll be honest. The locals weren’t happy with my decision at all. The people went crazy over my social media platforms when I said I was going to try that spot. In my defense, here’s why I did it. I’m not from the area. So, when I hear a name like Hattie, it reminds me of someone my grandmother would have known. So, I mean, how bad could it have been? Can’t all Hatties fry chicken well? Let the locals tell it, it’s bad.

I ordered online, this way I could avoid the lines. Then, I showed up and grabbed my order. It was a smooth process. I ordered two dark pieces of chicken, the baked beans, and the pimento cheese Mac and cheese. Oh, and to wash it down, the obvious, sweet tea.

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t. The chicken was edible. But, I think the grease needed to be changed. It had that faint taste of being fried in old oil. So, I couldn’t really get into the hot sauce because of the bad oil taste. These days, I’m sorta counting calories, so I didn’t even finish it. Listen, if I’m going to consume calories, they need to count (pun intended).

I kinda don’t even wanna talk through the pimento cheese Mac and cheese because that really wasn’t what it was. The “cheese” sauce had this pasty sorta taste to it. There was no real taste of pimento cheese. The pasta was overcooked and mushy. I ate a half spoonful of the concoction and realized that I didn’t want to waste my calories anymore. So, I pushed it to the side for the beans.

I’m not sure why I did that. The beans could have used another 45 minutes to 1 hour in the oven. They still had that “pop” to them when I bit into them. Unless they were going for an al dente bean, I would have reworked the recipe. Al dente is good for pasta. Every Italian knows that. But, for a good down south baked bean, I need a bit more creaminess. I’ll admit, the flavor of the sauce in the beans wasn’t terrible, but that “pop” made me think twice about another spoonful.

All in all, if the locals are telling you not to go, listen to them. They’re locals for a reason. I wouldn’t go back to Hattie B’s again because I think there are much better hot chicken joints in the Music City. But hey, don’t let my review keep you from going. If you’re like me, then you’ll want to try it out for yourself. Let me know what you think!


  1. Ordering hattie b’s online was a huge mistake. Like all hot chicken, it is much better fresh. As for the sides, I can’t defend your preference. I love their baked beans… Mac and cheese not so much. Food is all a preference taste but, as a local, I’ve had hattie b’s, Princes, Bolton and many others and hattie b’s is definitely my go to.

    Also, with as busy as the Charlotte Ave space is all the time, there must be plenty of locals you didn’t talk to. Maybe give it another shot some time but eat there, with fresh food. Lastly, get the peach cobbler… It’s worth 2x calories.

  2. I will certainly keep your review in mind for when I visit Nashville. It’s always hard to tell which restaurants are the real deal when you’re searching online. I’ll try Prince as per the folks in your comments recommend. Thanks for the honest review