So, I’m in LA on business. I’m in my hotel room. I had awaken from a nap. Suddenly, I had the complete urge for a sweet tooth. I mean, it was really bad. So, like I normally do, I asked the folks on social media to recommend a joint for me to go to. They did! Alas, I ended up at Southern Girl Desserts.

logoI called first. It was a Sunday. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to make it over there. Although everything online suggests they close at 6PM on a  Sunday, they actually close at 7PM. When I called, they were pleasant. That was nice. I gathered my wallet and cell phone and made my way.

When I finally found the joint (it’s in a mall – near the Sears & Auntie Anne’s), there were 3 or 4 people in front of me. I always take note of the line. If it’s a constant line, that means something in the joint is worth returning for. As I placed my order, there were two or three more folks behind me. Some guy made mention that the pecan pie was worth the drive from his home city. I took note.

I stepped up to the counter and the young lady that helped me was super nice. I grabbed quite a few things because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted. Plus, you have to get the peach cobbler and banana pudding whenever you come to a southern style dessert joint. It’s the unwritten rule. So, I grabbed a red velvet cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, banana pudding, peach cobbler, coffee cake, and lemon pound cake. Yes, I told you I had a serious sweet tooth.

Let’s run them down one-by-one:

Red Velvet Cupcake: This looked promising. It’s nicely decorated and looks moist. It was my least favorite. When I think about a perfect red velvet cupcakes, Sprinkles gets my nod. The cake is chocolatey and moist – almost a bit dense. The frosting is definitely cream cheese – but, it’s light and fluffy without weighing you down. This cake was the complete opposite. The cake had no chocolate flavor. While I think it was a bit moist, the top had hardened some, so the mouth-feel wasn’t too pleasant. I tried the frosting. I couldn’t get past two bites of it. I’m not sure what it’s made from or mixed with. All I tasted was sweet. That’s disappointing because the lemon pound cake was outstanding.

Lemon Pound Cake: I know cakes! Anyone that’s grabbed a copy of my cookbook knows that Mrs. Fannie is the standard I hold cakes too. She’s been doing it right since before I can remember. She still does it right. I saw her a few weeks ago on my visit to Chicago and she hugged me and thanked me for making her famous. Ha. I love it – she’s so humble and dope. Anyway, Southern Girl, you got this one right. The cake was flavorful and super moist. That’s hard to do with a pound cake. The texture was gorgeous. There was just enough lemon to keep you coming back for more without it being over powerful. Which is what I wished the peach cobbler had.

Peach Cobbler: Peach cobbler is one of my favorite desserts. It’s such a staple and typically someone’s aunt makes it the best – lol. My Aunt Janice is the queen of the peach cobbler in my family. It’s buttery. It’s crusty. It’s fluffy and flaky. It’s got just the right amount of warm spices with a hint of citrus to wake everything up. Someone, this is what was missing from Southern Girl’s peach cobbler. The flavor was there – no doubt. I even tasted a bit more nutmeg than I should have, but I don’t mind as much in a peach cobbler. What I was hoping for was just a hint of lemon to counter balance those warm spices. Isn’t that what life is all about – balance? Which is what the banana pudding lacked.

Banana Pudding: While it was tasty, there wasn’t a good cookie to banana to pudding ratio. You know, sometimes you need that perfect bite that has the cookie and just a bit of that pudding running throughout. All I had was pudding. It literally was a big scoop of pudding. There might have been two or three banana slices somewhere in there, but I just couldn’t seem to find them. The pudding was good and I couldn’t really tell if it was homemade or not. That’s kinda disappointing. I like homemade. I also like instant. Usually, my palate can tell which is which. This one fooled me. What I totally appreciated though, was that the banana vanilla pudding was super cold when it was served to me. That’s always refreshing…just like their chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookie (not pictured): I loooooooooooooves me a chocolate chip cookie that’s done right. Moist, crispy around the edges, soft and gooey in the middle, the perfect balance of chocolate chips, and a super flavorful cookie…that’s the way to go. They simply got it right. All the way right. Honestly, I just needed some vanilla ice cream and it would have been perfect. I’m typically always leery of chocolate chip cookies that look like they’ve been sitting around. Sometimes, they just don’t taste like they should. However, I’m proud to report that these cookies were downright amazing. They weren’t the BEST cookie I’ve ever had (that goes to Blue Smoke BBQ in NYC on 27th street in Murray Hill), however, this was a solid cookie and it’s totally memorable. Which is more than I can say about the coffee cake.

Coffee Cake: I love a good crumb cake. Flaky buttery cake with a hint of cinnamon and topped with a nice crumb topping is a gift from God. Unfortunately, I felt cursed when I ate this cake. It was missing so much. It was such a huge piece – I felt like they were giving it away because no one was buying it. It was dense. It was unpleasant. The worst part was trying to get through the bite and trying to swallow. Seriously, it was that bad. I think Entenmann’s make a much better coffee cake than this joint. I just wasn’t pleased.

All in all, there were some hits. There were definitely some misses. I’d totally go back for the lemon pound cake and the chocolate chip cookie! Check out what others are saying on their YELP page. They’re holding steady with a solid 4 stars.

Souther Girl Desserts

3650 W. Martin Luther King Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90008IMG_3455


  1. I’m not finished reading yet, but, I wanted to comment on this before I forgot. When you come to Austin, be sure to go to Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop. They have a really good red velvet cupcake. Even the vegan red cupcake is good. And they have this one, french toast, with bacon bits, it’s AMAZING. And Strawberry Love is great too. I’ll have to try to remember the other cupcake place, but, don’t go to Cupprimo, the place that won Cupcake Wars, it’s not all that. And go to Whole Foods or Wheatsville Co-Op and try Skull and Cakebones cupcakes. They’re vegan, but when I tell you you can’t tell the difference, especially with the ho ho cupcakes, I said if I end up getting married anywhere in Texas, they’re going to make my wedding cake. And I don’t even like chocolate cake. AT ALL. But I bought 12 in two weeks, some I gave away, so that’s why I had to get more.

    • Im in Austin Also and The Steeping Room’s Chocolate on Chocolate Vegan Cupcake is BEYOND. It’s moist with the perfect icing (not too sweet). I tend to nuke it for 7 seconds to give it that perfectly warm feel and texture.

  2. Maybe you should also become a food critic in addition to being a cook. You are entitled to your opinion but I doubt if Southern Girl Desserts, after being super nice to you, realized that you would criticize their food over the internet as you have. Why? Even if you didn’t like the food, in my opinion, it was unprofessional and unnecessary to tell the whole world. Do you seriously think that everyone likes everything you cook? If you do, you are mistaken. You ARE NOT the King of all cooks that everyone should aspire to be. How would you like it if someone did the same thing to you and probably made you lose some customers?

    • If he had only positive feedback, it wouldn’t be honest. He has mentioned that part of his job is reviewing restaurants so, I trust that his opinion is “professional enough” for those who choose to follow his blog. Also, secret shoppers are great because of the unsolicited review and unscripted customer experience. If customers are lost because of this review (which was a pretty broad sampling of the menu, ) it would be a great lesson to the owners and stakeholders to ensure quality & homogeneity in their menu execution. Being nice is 1/2 of the customer retention equation – having a GREAT line of products is the 2nd 1/2.

    • No company should get a pass; just because I their name. If a business had bad service or not so good products; most people would like to know before spending their money. I business you need to be able to accept criticism so you know what it is about your business that can make it better.
      Any business who don’t like criticism; is doomed too repeat the same mistakes that warrant bad reviews.